Empyreal Partnership — Providing Data Streams for TokenSight

2 min readDec 20, 2023
Welcoming Empyreal as an official TokenSight partner.


We are happy to announce that TokenSight is embarking on a technical partnership with Empyreal. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing TokenSight's data analytics capabilities and expanding its service offerings in the crypto industry.

What is Empyreal

Empyreal are developing a powerful suite of tools, the EmpyrealSDK, which significantly simplifies Web3 development and increases efficiency.

EmpyrealSDK is a low-code, modular toolkit for supercharging dApps and products and making robust Web3 development accessible to developers of all skill levels.

Key features of EmpyrealSDK include:

  • Low-code Toolkit: EmpyrealSDK consists of snap-to-grid modules that abstract away the complexity of Web3 development.
  • Modular Design: EmpyrealSDK's modules can be easily deployed and customized individually into existing Web3 products or combined to create robust new dApps.
  • Intuitive Automation & Real-Time Data Streaming: EmpyrealSDK delivers the most accurate data in real-time in a way that's easily scalable and customizable and makes that data actionable by empowering developers to permit users to execute intuitive onchain actions on top of live and historical data.

The integration of EmpyrealSDK is pivotal for TokenSight. Empyreal will initially provide TokenSight with OHCLV (Open, High, Close, Low, Volume) and streaming data via its Data Streaming module.

Benefits to TokenSight

This partnership is instrumental for TokenSight in various aspects:

  • Enhanced Data Capabilities: Access to Empyreal's data enriches TokenSight's current offerings, providing more comprehensive insights into the crypto market.
  • Expanded Service Range: With Empyreal's data, TokenSight can offer more nuanced and detailed analysis that benefits users.
  • Innovative Product Development: The collaboration paves the way for new product developments, such as advanced analytics tools and applications that leverage real-time data.

Join us for a live demo on Discord.

We are hosting a live demo session with the Empyreal team on the 3rd of January 2024 on our discord. You can RSVP with the link below.


Combining TokenSight's analytical expertise with Empyreal's innovative development toolkit, this collaboration will benefit DEX trading users and significantly contribute to the cryptocurrency market's growth and understanding.

This partnership underscores TokenSight's commitment to providing the most comprehensive DEX trading experience in the crypto industry. At the same time, le Empyreal's role accentuates its position as a facilitator of simplified and efficient Web3 development.

About TokenSight

TokenSight is a decentralised exchange (DEX) trading platform that enables secure and efficient trading with features such as trade orders, copy trading, and alerts.

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