Save the Date: TokenSight launches on the 8th of December.

2 min readNov 29, 2023
TokenSight DEX Trading Tools launches on the 8th of December
TokenSight launches on December 8th

Starting December 8th, TokenSight begins onboarding users to the first version of the TokenSight platform.

With over 14,000 signed-up users, we have meticulously chosen this date to guarantee that TokenSight delivers a premium quality experience for DEX traders from day one.

We chose it carefully to deliver a platform with a polished UX, a powerful trading engine, and top-notch security the way we envisioned our product. We’ve also integrated features such as TradingView charts to enhance your trading experience.

The TokenSight team will closely monitor the user onboarding process and address any issues to maintain the highest standards of excellence and provide a seamless and superior trading journey.

As previously stated, we will onboard users in batches based on their sign-up date, and the process will last throughout December. We plan to make the platform available to everyone as soon as possible, and invitations will arrive by email.

The snapshot for the initial airdrop will be taken on the same day as the platform launches, December 8th, and the distribution will take place a few days after that.

We are extremely excited to have you all using TokenSight and can’t wait to open doors to everyone!

Please stay tuned for further updates through our website and official communications channels.

Thank you very much for your support!
Stay ahead of the game.

The TokenSight Team

About TokenSight

TokenSight is a decentralised exchange (DEX) trading platform that enables secure and efficient trading with features such as trade orders, copy trading, and alerts.

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TokenSight is alerting and Dex Automation platform for onchain activities. We provide actionable real-time alerts and Dex trade execution services.