TokenSight — Alerting and DEX Trading Automation platform

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What is TokenSight?

TokenSight is an alerting and DEX trading automation platform. Our goal is to provide a platform where retail on-chain investors can capitalize on real-time on-chain activity by using our high-signal alerts, as well as DEX trading automation tools. All of this is provided through an easy-to-use user interface. The provided alerts are easy to understand, and we’ve worked hard to provide the best user experience possible.

TokenSight doesn’t require special knowledge. If you know what a Decentralized Exchange is and how to use it, you’re ready to go.



We provide insightful and actionable alerts, which can be easily configured and delivered to your favorite notification channel (Telegram, Discord, etc.).

The alert types we provide are designed to offer high signal-to-noise information. They are optimized to provide essential, actionable information without introducing noise and confusion.

We enable multiple alert types, which you can find more about in our documentation.

DEX Trading Automation

Additionally, TokenSight provides tools for automating common DEX operations, such as various types of trade orders, sniping, and event-based trade execution.

In addition, TokenSight also provides proprietary DEX Trading Strategies and allows you to create your own DEX trading strategy easily!

Private beta

We are currently preparing for our private beta, during which we will open our product to an initial cohort of users. Soon after that, we will launch our public version. Please join our waitlist to be among the first to start using our platform.

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Expect more updates from us soon.

TokenSight Team.




TokenSight is alerting and Dex Automation platform for onchain activities. We provide actionable real-time alerts and Dex trade execution services.