TokenSight Burns 6.1M TKST, Reducing Token Supply by 6.1%

3 min readMay 11, 2024

6.1M of 100M TKST was burned on the 4th of May 2024.

This has several positive implications for TKST token holders, due to the revenue share of fees which gets passed on to token holders. Less tokens in supply mean more revenue share goes to the existing tokens.

  • 75% of platform fees are currently distributed to token holders
  • 40% of token trading taxes are distributed to token holders

For more information on how platform fees and token trading taxes are distributed to TKST holders, check out our revenue share deep dive.

Future Plans for Token Burn

The Ecosystem Reserve is the pool of TKST which function as a strategic reserve to be deployed across a variety of uses. To start 6.1M has been burned by the Ecosystem Reserve and the treasury.

Moving forward, TokenSight will burn TKST from its Ecosystem Reserve as they unlock over a 36-month vesting period. This program will be employed on a forward-looking basis whereby the vast majority of Ecosystem Reserve TKST will be burned as they unlock.

The Burn Program is designed to deliver more value to TKST holders, aligned with TokenSight’s commitment to the TKST community. Periodic updates regarding the program’s strategic initiatives will be provided to the community. Learn more about TKST Tokenomics.

TokenSight Contract Addresses

Ethereum: 0x7cdbfc86a0bfa20f133748b0cf5cea5b787b182c

What does a Token Burn Mean?

Crypto token burns are the process of permanently removing a certain number of tokens from the circulating supply.

This is done by sending the tokens to a special address called a burn address, which is designed only to receive but never send out cryptocurrencies.

Because this wallet does not have a retrievable private key (or seed phrase), any tokens sent to it are permanently inaccessible (and therefore burned from supply).

This act is significant in the crypto world because it is irreversible, signaling a project’s dedication to reducing the supply of tokens and, by extension, their commitment to the project’s future plans.

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