Updated features on TokenSight

2 min readApr 22, 2024


Simplicity and security is the core of our vision. We’ve recently add new features on our platform to enhance your trading experience.

Here’s what’s new at TokenSight:

Trade onchain on 12 Supported Blockchains with TokenSight


We’ve added new networks! Trade securely across multiple chains using our Secure Wallet. Access chains such as Solana, Base, Bsc, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Blast and Scroll. Switch chains, trade quickly, all from a single platform with enhanced security features.

Profit and Loss Cards

We’ve added PnL cards — Now, you can easily showcase your trading performance on social media with our PnL cards feature. Follow these steps to share your Profit and Loss data seamlessly:

1️⃣ Navigate to your Dashboard.
2️⃣ Access the “My Portfolio” section.
3️⃣ Find the “P&L” area within “My Portfolio.”
4️⃣ Click on the Share Button located on the right side of your PnL %.
5️⃣ Share your PnL on social media!

Pro vs. Simple Trading Mode

Choose between our PRO and SIMPLE trading modes based on your trading style.

Switch to PRO when you want more advanced trading features for an enhanced experience.
Switch to SIMPLE when you just want to quickly buy or sell your favorite tokens, hassle-free.

We’re working to bring a intuitive and secure trading platform as well as our Telegram Bot. Keep your funds safe without switching multiple accounts, websites or wallets — with our Self-Custodial wallets you can comfortably trade worry-free from your PC or directly through your Telegram.

Start now on our WebApp or Telegram Trading Bot.

About TokenSight

TokenSight is a DEX trading platform that enables secure and efficient trading with features such as trade orders, copy trading, sniping and alerts.

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TokenSight is alerting and Dex Automation platform for onchain activities. We provide actionable real-time alerts and Dex trade execution services.