Why TokenSight?

4 min readJul 1, 2023

The permissionless and decentralized application space has grown significantly in the past years. With the launch of public AMMs like Uniswap, investment into public decentralized tokens has never been easier — all of that on a global scale.

This has also given further incentives for launching new decentralized and permissionless products.

However, many more decentralized exchanges have launched in addition to Uniswap, which has created lots of optionality, but also friction and fragmentation of tokens and liquidity.

Due to the permissionless nature and low barrier for entry, new tokens and projects launch every day — a lot of data is generated as a result, which can be analysed.

Newly created contracts, increases with time: https://etherscan.io/chart/verified-contracts
Ethereum ERC20 Token transfers, increases with time: https://etherscan.io/chart/tokenerc-20txns

Additionally, many new EVM-based L1 blockchains as well as L2 blockchains were launched, which took a significant share of volume and activity from the Ethereum Mainnet (although Ethereum Mainnet is still the king).

DEX Volumes by chain — https://defillama.com/dexs/chains

Once analysed and processed in a smart way, this growing pool of data can provide useful and actionable insights. Investors can use this to make positive impact on their portfolios.

However, it largely remains unprocessed and unavailable for on-chain retail investors in an easy to use and understandable way.

Enter TokenSight

Our goal at TokenSight is to enable on-chain retail investors to have access to useful and actionable insights in real time, and be able to execute different actions on them in an easy and efficient way — with very low barriers for entry.

TokenSight enables this via specific and carefully designed actionable Alert types for real-time on-chain activity, which can then be linked to DEX trading automation tools to execute different actions trading strategies.

In summary, it is a suite of tools that enables investors to fully utilise on-chain activity and express their own trading strategies.

Our core product principles are to (in no particular order):

  • provide maximum utility for on-chain retail investors,
  • provide easy to use UI and great UX,
  • provide great reliability, speed and accuracy for the technical operation execution

and do this in a cheap and affordable way.

How will TokenSight achieve this?

At TokenSight, we’re focused on making a product that will have an actual utility for on-chain retail investors.

Besides providing the core technical features (alerts and DEX trading automation tools), our plan is to expand fast and to provide support for many long-tail list of chains and decentralised exchanges — such as new L1s and L2s and new DEXs with sufficient amount of liquidity. The goal is to cover the whole landscape of on-chain activity.

What about other products?

We’ve analysed in depth “partially similar” products (and there are many of them), and we’ve identified multiple fundamental problems which make TokenSight unique in its offering:

  • TokenSight offers easy to use interface
  • TokenSight is not fully dependent on external services (e.g Telegram)
  • TokenSight provides easy to understand data
  • TokenSight provides features which provide high signal-to-noise ratio data
  • TokenSight provides support for long-tail list of chains and DEXes (new L2s and L1 EVM based chains, new DEXes which are not yet dominant)

Use cases

TokenSight enables many use cases, some of which are:

Event based trading:

  • Buying or selling based on other Wallet activity (whales)
  • Buying or selling based on Token trend formation (token price started significantly rising)
  • Buying or selling based on Token price levels (token price reached monthly support)
  • Token Sniping based on liquidity events (buying newly listed tokens)

Setting passive trade orders:

  • Limit orders and Stop Limit orders
  • Stop loss and Trailing Stop loss orders
  • Take profit orders

Trading strategies:

  • Use already created full trading strategies
  • Create your own trading strategies

Long term potential

The long term vision for this product is to capture large market share of the existing on-chain retail investors, as well as the new on-chain retail investors.

We expect that the crypto adoption will increase and public DEX usage will increase over CEX usage (which is an increasing trend).

DEX to CEX spot trade volume is increasing — https://www.theblock.co/data/decentralized-finance/dex-non-custodial/dex-to-cex-spot-trade-volume

This means a lot more data will be created by new protocol and token launches, as well as trading and other on-chain activities. As a result a lot more trading and investment opportunities should arise. TokenSight provides the tools and data to make it easier to capture these opportunities.

The value that TokenSight brings to its users is exponential relative to the growth of the crypto space and on-chain activity.

We’re currently in preparation for the private beta, where we will open our product to a limited cohort of users, and soon after that we will launch our public version. Please join our waitlist, to be among the first users to start using our platform and to get to know everything TokenSight related.

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TokenSight is alerting and Dex Automation platform for onchain activities. We provide actionable real-time alerts and Dex trade execution services.